Morning Star Hedgehogs Breeding since 2011 

Featured in Chicago Parent Magazine December 2017

Cost: Baby Hedgies are $175.00, Facial Markings $200 - $250


We sell our retired Hedgies. PLease contact us for pricing & availability.

Welcome to Morning Star Hedgehogs breeders of African Pygmy Hedgehogs.



 All appointments must be made in advance

USDA license


Fill out our enrollment form. Our staff is available to answer your questions.

Ask About OUr Hedgehog Boarding.  Caring for your baby while you are away. Weekend and Weekly Rates!

Nail Trimming and Bath services available too!
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We are now accepting reservations for August 2018 Litters! 

  ​Welcome to Morning Star Hedgehogs!  Our goal is to produce happy, healthy quill babies. We follow strict breeding policies to protect our herd and babies from health issues. (See our Code of Ethics page).  Our babies are GUARANTEED against congenital defects for 1 year and for life against WHS. We also have accessories to make your little ones transition easier:Hedgie Homes from $75  Wheels from $15  Snuggle Sacks $12ea Cuddle Cups $15ea Liners $20ea!  Click on the Purchasing a Hedgehog tab for details on how to reserve one of our babies.

Pedigrees are available to licensed breeders.


Snuggle Sacks  $12ea
Cuddle Cups $15ea
Hedgie Houses from $75
Wheels from $15

hedgehogs for sale