Adult hedgehogs may or may not transition well into a new environment.

Extreme patience is required.  

I do not accept deposits on adults - - You must make an appointment to visit with the animal to make certain it will be a good fit.  (most Adults will run between $25 and $75)  They do not come with any equipment or health guarantees. 

I prefer my adults go to homes that are familiar with hedgehog ownership but depending upon the personality and temperment of the adult it can be very successful!  

It takes a special household to accept an adult into their lives and to give them the love they truly deserve for however long they may be with us!

If you feel you can provide one of my Adults with a loving home please contact me, If I do not have anyone now that is in need of a home, I may in the near future..

​Bruce Quillis - Born 7/31/14 $25 

A true jester - Always on the go and one of the "poopiest" in the herd - will take some extra foot baths and clean up since he is an albino - but his happy go lucky attitude makes up for the poop duty!

Morning Star Hedgehogs

Jeffrey - Born 8/24/13  FREE to a good home

Jeffrey was returned to me Oct 24, 2015.

He was supposed to go to college with his owner, when she decided not to take him, the rest of the family let him go solitary.  

He has been here and a little ball of grumpiness ever since.  

He has come a long way from the huffing ball of hate that was returned.  

He is older and I realize he may not have much of a lifespan left BUT, all hedgies derserve loving homes.  

I am hopeful that someone out there has a huge heart for this little man to love him in spite of all his faults (afterall isn't that what we all would like?) 

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