Morning Star Hedgehogs

Bernadette x Chewy Litter of 1 Born 10/17/17    1 Female 

Ready go home Approx.  12/5/17

Reserved: Renee D. 

Harriet x G.I.Joe 2 Born 10/26/17   1 Female 1 Male SOLD

Ready go home Approx.  12/14/17

Reserved: Ayana C. (Male), Joseph J.(Female) 


Available as of November 22, 2017

   Cost:  $175.00 (Facial Markings $200 - $250)

Reservations after April 15,2017

 Morning Star Hedgehogs Reserves the right to refuse a sale

of any of our animals at our discretion

Not Certain If a Hedgehog is for You?   Ask about our Hedgie 101 Sessions you can

come visit the Herd, and handle some of the Hedgies and receive comprehensive 

information to help make your decision.  A $20 fee for this session applies and goes toward the purchase of a baby If you decide to purchase one!  



Lily X Bubba Litter of 1 born 11/1/17    1 Female 

Ready go home Approx.  12/20/17​

Reserved: Katie T. 


Cleopatra x Grasshopper Litter of  3 born 10/27/17   2 Males 1 Female SOLD

Ready go home Approx.  12/14/17

Reserved: Mimi B. (Female), Caleb L. (Male), Brenda C. 


                          ACCEPTING DEPOSITS ON OUR

                                          APRIL BABIES
Special Requests: Jenelle J. (Facial Markings) Maria L. (Female Split Face),

Shayna M (Female Badger Stripe)

JANUARY: ​  Sherri M. (Female), Samantha H. (Female) Amy W. (Female), Kin W. (Female), Weimin S. (Female), Candy R. (Female),  Kassandra A.(Female), Rachel W. (Female), Kiara M. (Female)   Krystal H. (Female),

FEBRUARY: Anne B (Male), Agata R. (Female), Theresa J.,

Anaisa V., Brianna J (Female), Jeanne H. (Female), Melissa F., Nadine W. (Female)​

Kevin A.,  Colette M., Jessica M., Deborah B., Clayton H.,

FEBRUARY 2018: Mani S. (Female), Ashley K. (Female), Brittany W., Brenda K., Laura G. (Male), Tanya G., Valerie H. (3 F/2-M) Michael C., Melissa G. (Female),

Eric I. (Male), Jenny A., Beth S. (Male), Trish M. (Female), Sasha K.

MARCH 2018: Paul W. (Male), Mariana C., Helena H., Brent B.,

Nathan B. (Female), Jessica C. (Female), Gio A., Tracy B., Vanessa D., Tracy T., Nia B. (Female),

APRIL 2018: Nick F. (Female), Kelly B., Robyn L., Yurri O., Sonia S. (Female), Mary Kate J., Renee D., Jared D., Frank C., Kayleigh A.,

Shayna M.(Female/Badger Stripe), Jim P., Tiffany, 

hedgehogs for sale