Morning Star Hedgehogs Breeding since 2011 

 Morning Star Hedgehogs offers Boarding available for your pet.  

Going on vacation can be a stressful time for your Hedgehog and You.

We believe it is important to keep your pet in its usual routine, and we try to make your pets stay with us as stressfree and enjoyable as we can.

We give your animal the love, cuddles and attention it needs.

The hedgies are kept indoors during their stay with us. 


2016 Rates:

Boarding $5 per day,    $30 per week  (per animal)

We can provide a Cage with bedding, hide, wheel, food bowl, water dish for an additional $10 per week.

Other Services Offered:

Bath and Nail Trimming  $15.00

‚ÄčNail Trimming only $10.00

Please Read our Terms and Conditions below and let us know if you should have any questions.

Picking up your animal:

At the time you drop off your hedgie you will required to provide a pick up date.  We understand that at times there may be unforseen delays,  should this happen, we ask for immediate notification and your new expected pick up date. You will be billed for the extra days of stay.  

Terms and Conditions

1. All hedgehogs must be healthy and illness free. If we feel the animal isn't in good health we have the right to refuse boarding. Any hedgehog being treated for any illness or parisite will be refused.

2. You must bring your hedgehog's cage, food, bedding, treats, wheels, hides, toys. Any additional food or bedding required will be added to your invoice.

3. If your hedgehog becomes sick we will take it to our veterinarian, but you are responsible for all fees acquired from those visits.

4. In the unfortunate case that an animal should die we take no responsiblity for it.

5. In cases of long term boarding (over 1 week) 1/2  payment is required at drop off.

6. Any animal left more than 5 days past the pick up date without notification is deemed abandoned. At this time the hedgehog and all its belongings will become property of Morning Star Hedgehogs.

7. We are not responsible for any items left with us. Including wheels, hides, bowls, toys.

8. All clients are required to read and sign a copy of the boarding terms and conditions.

  Even If your hedgehog was not purchased from us your Hedgie is welcome to stay with us!  

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