Morning Star Hedgehogs Breeding since 2011 

Located in Addison, Illinois

Picking up your Hedgie: 650 S. Douglas Ave Addison IL 60101

If you are coming to Morning Star Hedgehogs to pick up your little one, board or get a spa treatment (for your little one), please be sure to come to the correct address.  Some GPS' are directing people to 650 S Ellsworth! Well, my neighbors, have paid me a visit  😯 Here is the house and typically the car is in the driveway and has a hedgehog in the back window - - Please be kind to my neighbors.... They are retired and a bit annoyed with all the visitors 


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License # 33-A-0552

Ask about our Hedgehog Boarding.  Caring for your baby while you are away.  Weekend and Weekly Rates!

Hedgehogs are illegal in the following states, We cannot sell to anyone living in the following:

                 Washington DC                          
                 California                                                      Lawrence Kansas
                 Georgia (general ownership is illegal)                  Fairfax County VA              
                 The 5 Boroughs of New York City (illegal in Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, and

                 Manhattan but not illegal in NY state itself)



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