Morning Star Hedgehogs Breeding since 2011 

Here are some of the comments from our Hedgehog Families:

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1/24/2015 Kirstin Lynn M

 5 star I got my hedgie, Dinah, from Morning Star.

She's one year old now and hasn't given me any problems. They truly breed for healthy hogs!

She's also the sweetest little hedgehog! They socialize there babies so well before they find them homes. Love this breeder!

1/25/2015 Monica  J

 5 star We are in LOVE with our lil' Gus! Never could imagine what joy a little animal such as a Hedgehog could bring to our family. I am so glad we found Morning Star Hedgehogs to purchase ours. The time, care, education, and LOVE that each hedgehog and new owner is given is out of this world. We felt so comfortable taking our little one home and also so ready to give him the kind of love and care he was use to. Wouldn't go anywhere else to buy a hedgehog & will DEFINITELY recommend Morning Star to anyone interested in getting one.

Thank you SO MUCH Morning Star Hedgehogs!!!
1/25/2015 Dave G

 5 star We love our hedgehog. Great service! Morning Star goes above and beyond.

1/28/2015 Grace N

 5 star Great breeder! Extremely friendly and knowledgeable.

I got my little guy from her a while back and I can always contact this breeder with questions.

Offers a variety of services from boarding, premade hedgie homes, and adorable cuddle cups. I couldn't imagine buying from anywhere else! She is licensed for a reason; Morning Star hedgehogs are superb!!!!

 1/24/2015 Karen W

 5 star I got my little one, Calliope from Morning Star!

She is VERY sweet and you can tell she was socialized as a baby. I have called several times asking questions and have always been glad I called. I recommend Morning Star to everyone wanting a hedgehog.

1/25/2015 Amy  E

5 star I've had my little Daisy for almost a year now and she's doing great. Wonderful breeder that really cares about her babies going to loving homes!

 1/25/2015 Dylan S

 5 star We love our baby Cyndaquil! It's clear that Morning Star cares deeply for their animals, and I can think of no better place for Cyndi to have been born.

Could not recommend any more emphatically!

1/25/2015 Cindy P

5 star Excellent breeder! We are so thankful to have found a breeder that is knowledgable and caring! We were very impressed at how clean the environment was! Thanks for being patient with us newbies. 

1/25/2015 Kimberly N

 5 star Friendly, helpful and knowledgable breeder!!! We are so happy to have our little RJ. Also love that she does boarding ... RJ had a great time there over winter break :) Morning Star Hedgehogs rocks!!!

1/25/2015 Jubilee N 

5 star I purchased my two wonderful little guys from Morning Star.

I've never had a hedgehog before but the experience was very pleasant. If I can recall I had pick of the littler for both my babies, even though majority of our communication was email, it was easy and simple. She responded very fast to my emails and she always kept me informed about how the babies were progressing. Once I chose my little guys and they were ready to go to their new homes we made an appointment at her home. Each appointment was about 30 mins: final payment, signing paperwork, but my favorite part was seeing and bonding with my hedgie! She explained many things to a novice like me about how to hold them, what to feed them, bathing, exercise, diet & snacks, ext. If I forgot something she had said I just had to look no further then the folder she gave me which contained a friendly packet of all the information covered. I'm happy I chose to purchase my hedgehogs with Morning Star because I enjoyed every minute of it, the service is superb and the environment as well. It always great knowing other people like me who love and enjoy the company of hedgehogs. My two little guys Pumbaa (apricot 2 years old) and Wrex (salt & pepper almost 2 in March) are a great addition to my family, both family and child friendly. Thank you Morning Star Hedgehog for my wonderful hedgies and for your service ❤️

2/2/2015 Michele  W

5 star We just brought our Hedgehog Pixel home a couple of days ago. We are so pleased with him, he is simply adorable!! I'm so glad I went with the Home set-up and wheel, we had everything we needed for him and he has been adjusting very nicely. The owner was very helpful and answered all questions we had, she was very patient and I didn't feel rushed. And was glad to be there when someone was picking up a hedgie they had been boarding. She truly shows she loves and cares for these animals and it shows!! We will for sure board if need be in the future. You can really tell Pixel has been cared for and very well socialized. Thank-you for your expertise and help and we look forward to a long relationship with Morning Star Hedgehogs!! Highly recommend!!!

 Came across this on tumblir: don’t have a clue who recommends us so highly!   But grateful they do!
If you are ever looking for a hedgehog and are willing to travel to the Midwest (USA), I HIGHLY recommend purchasing your lovely through Morning Star Hedgehogs. Every single step of the way, they have been helpful to me as an owner. Our business didn’t stop after the purchase. She cares about the animals she sells. Also, they are documented animals and also have guaranteed clean blood lines from lots of genetic illnesses the hedgies can have. This business is fantastic, and caring, and helpful.  — And if I am ever to buy another hedgehog. This is where I will purchase them from. 

4/20/2015  From a perspective owner Lauryn:

I have put a lot of thought into owning a hedgehog and I'm really excited to be taking the next step! Morning Star Hedgehogs is the most reputable, local breeding operation that I've found in my research and your expert knowledge and concern for the welfare of ALL your hedgies is what really helped me finalize my decision, so thank you for that. :)

7/1/2015  Nikilette C
Morning star hedgehogs gets 5 stars from be.  I love my little Nellie, I've had her for a little over a month now, I have no issues with her! Morning star hedgehogs is an amazing breeder who cares for her animals and who she's giving them to. When I left morning star hedgehogs I felt like an expert and had no questions. I love how morning star hedgehogs will always be there for you if you have a concern or question. I will never go anywhere else for anything for my little Nellie. 

9/2/2015 Michele W
Jonelle, I hope I spelled your name husband Jason came by last week to pick up a female hedgehog from you with the gender confusing name of Buzz. I just wanted to let you know she's amazing! We love her! She seems to has acclimated very quickly to us and her new home. She's so friendly, active, and and playful. She seems to be quilling, and while this would make many grumpy, Buzz is still willing to be held and cuddled. Her demeanor is great, and I know my students at school are going to love her once I bring her there... Thank you again for taking the time to raise her and share her with us! 

10/31/15 Claudia V

Words cannot describe the level of compassion Morning Star Hedgehogs have been. I've been an owner for about a year, and Jonell was always eager to help and answer our questions when we got our first hedgie. Unfortunately we lost our little one a couple months back (to a house fire). It was definitely one of the hardest things to overcome. We decided to become parents once again, and welcomed our newest member Miina. Thank you Morning Star for filling our hearts with these beautiful creatures. They're loved, and cared for by the best without a doubt. Don't consider buying elsewhere. It is worth the wait. I'd rate it infinity stars if I could.

10/31/15 Joe F

Today we had received our 2nd hedgehog from Jonell and couldn't be happier. She truly goes out of her way to take care of her customers and of course her hedgehogs. She sticks by her word and always makes herself available. I personally wouldn't recommend anybody else, she is the best!

12/1/15 Mary Z
Our family was blessed with our adorable, quirky, sweet Arthur one month ago this week, and words cannot describe how much he has changed our world! My daughter comes home from school, and the first thing she does is check on her little nugget! Jonell, you are such an awesome person, who truly cares about your babies and the families that they are adopted by! I'm so impressed by Arthur's social skills, which I don't think he'd have unless Jonell expressed the importance of socializing them quite quickly. We all love our newest family member, and can't thank Jonell enough for her ability to not only let us know how to care for our hedgehog, but to also let us know that she is there for us for the lifetime of our baby. Again, thank you Jonell, and to all who want a hedgehog, please read all of her informational sheets, as you will find them quite informative. We love Arthur!

12/4/15 Meg Rose D
I am a first time hedgy owner. I have worked with all sorts of critters so I know good behavior versus bad. I like to say Winkie chose me she is such a well behaved little hedgehog she is sweet and adventurous. I have to believe she is so good because of her handling as a baby. I am a college student and was looking for a pet that was exotic but cuddly and winkie is definitely that and more. I chose this company from many to buy my hedgehog from because of its reliability and continuous record of healthy hedgehogs. I would definitelyrecommend this company to anyone interested in a hedgehog they train new owners and give help when needed. They even board which is a huge help because I don't trust just anyone with my hedgy with anyone else. Winkie and I can't thank you enough!!!!

12/20/15 Renata K
I just picked up my new hedgehog two days ago. I had done a lot of research so I could find the best possible breeder near me, and I heard nothing but great things about Jonell. I'm so happy I chose her as my breeder. Throughout the buying process, she was quick to reply and answered any questions I had. She designates an hour to talk to you and answer any questions you have. She is very compassionate about her animals, which is one of the main qualities I wanted to see in a breeder. As a first time hedgehog owner, she made the process easy and professional, and was very informative. Thank you, Jonell, for making this experience nothing but wonderful. I love my little Wilbur so much already.

1/2/2016  Kathy C

Our girl is doing well, very social. She is bringing a lot of joy to our home! We absolutely love her, she is a snuggler and loves to bury herself into you! She plays A LOT and is full of personality.  An awesome girl!!

1/1/2016  Jill V

Just wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful baby! She is absolutely everything we wanted.  She has the best personality. She brings our family so much happiness!  

2/7/2016 Kristen R 
Amazing breeder, really cares and makes sure you have a grasp on everything before you walk out the door. We couldn't be happier with our Buttercup, she is so sweet and loves being petted. I truly believe it was due to the way she was raised and loved before she cane into our home.

3/20/2016  Constantine  A
We got a cinnicot about a year and a half ago! He's such a little bundle of joy. This breeder is great!

​3/22/2016 Emma M
Jonell is very sweet and informative, she doesn't let you leave until you are absolutely comfortable and answered all your questions. She makes sure that you hold her and has a very comfortable personality. My little Grumpy Monkey is perfect and so sweet. I couldn't have gone through a better breeder. No regrets and will definitely refer her if anyone wants a hedgie.​

5/10/2016  Kelley K
Jonell has been fantastic with me in this new adventure of being a mom to a hedgehog ! She has always been available regardless of the situation ! Thank you Jonell !!!

​5/21/2016  Brooke P 

I started looking for hedgehog breeders about a year ago but couldn't find anyone that seemed like they really cared about the animals or their lineage. Everything I read was horrible and I was so afraid i'd never find someone to buy a hedgie from. I ended up finding Jonell and Morning Star Hedgehogs and after a lot of debating, decided to get on the waiting list for a baby. 
I just picked my little guy up yesterday and he was quilling, which is completely normal, but also just the sweetest little hedgehog I could have asked for. After a very long car ride, he was grumpy, but was very socialized. Jonell made sure I had everything I needed to give him a good home and has already answered several questions that have come up since i've brought him home.
I don't think there is anyone else i'd recommend to anyone looking to buy a hedgehog. I love my Root Beer and am so grateful that we found each other.

​5/27/2016  Sara W 
Picked up our first hedgie today! Jonell is very sweet and helpful. I love that I know I can get in touch with her whenever I have a question, being a first time hedgehog owner, that was important to me. If you are in the market for a quill baby, Morning Star Hedgehogs is the place to get one!
Thank you for our very handsome hedgie, sig!

​6/28/2016  Chaka C 

My son had been wanting a hedgehog for about a year and a friend of mine suggested Morning Star Hedgehogs since she had such a wonderful experience getting her hedgie here. Wynter has been such a wonderful addition to our family. He was a little shy when we first picked him up (completely normal) but warmed up to us the same day. You can tell he had been handled and socialized regularly. Jonell has been wonderful in teaching us to care for our hedgie (I highly suggest the 101 class). She spent a great deal of time answering all our questions and you can tell she really cares for and loves her animals.

7/8/2016  Lisa Marie L

Jonell is amazing! We have had out little guy for just over a week and he is doing great. Jonell has been so helpful with my many questions and is always quick to respond. She takes such pride in her animals and her bond with them. You couldn't find a better breeder to get a hedgie from!

8/8/2016   Donise B 
I want to say that I had a wonderful experience with Morning Stars Hedgehogs. She gives you the time to interact with the hedgie and there is no pressure. She will answer all of your questions and give you background information about your hedgehog. I can't wait to spoil my little Shakespeare. Thanks

8/14/2016   Carleen L

Very professional and caring with your Hedgies and that it is a must to take your hedgie 101 class to make sure you are comfortable with your new addition! We can't wait to get our baby!!!

​9/6/ 2016   Stefanie G 
I had an excellent Hedgehog 101 session at Morning Star Hedgehogs today! Jonell is so knowledgeable and it was easy to see that she truly cares for each and every one of her hedgehogs. I learned so much, and I was able to make an informed decision on whether or not a hedgehog was the right pet for me. To be able to have this session is an invaluable experience to a new potential hedgehog owner. Thank you for everything, Jonell!

​9/13/2016   Emily H
Recently picked up my Winchester (Winnie), and I couldn't be more happy with my little girl! She is a sweet little girl, with a little fire in her heart! She loves to sit with me while I do homework, and to watch television. She is everything I thought she'd be, and more. Morning Star Hedgehogs truly delivered! When you leave with your little bundle, you will leave knowing everything you need to know to make a great hedgehog parent! I highly recommend purchasing your hedgehog from Morning Star Hedgehogs. I am so thrilled to have done so!

10/10/2016   Kandi P
My son has wanted a hedgehog for a while now. He put a down payment down for one in June and had TONS of questions where he called Mrs. Jonell and e-mailed-and she was GREAT, answering questions and being supportive. Well-we picked up his baby this Saturday and Mrs. Jonell let us stay answer ALL of our questions AND make sure we were ready. Max and Yeti are doing so well together!!!! He has his forever best friend!!

​10/25/2016 Sarah C 
Had a great experience picking up our baby hedgie and got all the info we needed! We love our little bundle ​

10/25/2016   Katie H
So nice and professional! My new hedgie is such a sweetie! Thank you!!

12/12/2016   Amariah C 
We got our baby in November, and since then we have had so much fun! Jonell is a very caring and knowledgeable breeder who is so quick to help us when we need it. She offers great advice and truly cares about her hedgehogs. I love how strongly she voices out that having a hedgehog is a BIG commitment. EVERYDAY we have been handling our Shaymin and she has gotten more and more comfortable with us as time has gone by. She is truly a healthy, crazy but sweet girl.

​1/21/2017   Pamela L
Loved our experience with Morning Star Hedgehogs!
Jonell met with us for an in-depth consultation before we decided to be placed on the wait list. She answered all of our questions, gave us tons of information on being hedgie owners and truly cared about making sure this was the right fit for us.
Once we put our deposit down we were so excited! She informed us about how long it would be to get our hedgie and she was very accurate.
Once our hedgie was ready we made our pickup appt where she once again answered any questions that we had and gave us all the information we needed to be successful hedgie owners. Upon getting home we realized we had more questions and she happily answered them for us.
I would highly recommend purchasing your hedgie here. Jonell is extremely experienced, patient and truly cares about her animals.

​1/23/2017   Sandra S 
Jonell is fabulous. She is incredibly knowledgeable and caring.

2/6/2017   Mary Kate H
We had an amazing Hedgehog 101 session with Morning Star Hedgehogs. We then got our little Mr. Snuggles from her and he has been an amazing hedgehog so far. It's been a great experience working with Morning Star Hedgehogs. I absolutely recommend going through Morning Star to anyone thinking of getting a hedgehog  :)​

​2/18/2017   Dominique B
I am a first time hedgehog owner. Going through Morning Star Hedgehogs for my hedgie was the absolute best decision. Jonell is extremely knowledgeable and helpful every step of the way. Her Hedgie 101 class was what really helped me decide if this was the right pet for me. She answered all my questions, made sure I understood everything she went over and more. It's clear she cares for every single one of her animals and takes very good care of them. I absolutely love the baby I picked up from Morning Star Hedgehogs and I will be a hedgie owner for life!
I would send anyone interested in owning a pet hedgehog here over any other store/business.

2/25/2017   Suzie M 
We have had our baby "Pumpkin" since 10/30/15 and we couldn't be happier. A few months prior, my daughter was only 10 years old and asking for a hedgehog. We love animals, so I told her to do some research. First, we found out that her friend and her teacher went to and highly recommending Morning Star Hedgehogs. So, I set up a Hedgehog 101 session with Miss Jonell. There is also a ton of information and opinions out there on YouTube & the web. We gathered as much as we could and brought it to our 101 session. As a breeder, Miss Jonell told us some of her best practices and I took lots of notes. We were able to meet many members of her herd so we could see the different personalities and coloring and even how different each of their quills were! It was so fun and educational!
Some of her practices matched what we learned online and some didn’t. We felt it best to take her advice since she has been in business for so many years and now we have the best hedgie we could ask for! Pumpkin is very well behaved and besides a huff here and there she is very tame and social. Within 24 hours of our Pumpkin coming home, I texted Miss Jonell with a couple of questions that because I couldn’t read my notes and she responded very quickly. I have also referenced her website (which is very informative) frequently to check a few things. I honestly feel that if a person is considering a hedgehog as a pet, if they sit down and take the time to review all of the info on Morning Star Hedgehogs website and attend a 101 session they will be able to make an informed decision.
I am so thankful to Miss Jonell for her patience and knowledge!​

3/30/17 Aubrie N: "Being new to the Hedgie world, I wanted to make sure I was educated and that it would be the right fit for me. The Hedgehog 101 class that Jonell offers answered all my questions and makes me feel comfortable and excited to give a forever home to these adorable little ones! I was able to meet some the herd and I'm anxiously counting down the weeks till I get my little guy!"

3/18/17 John H:  "Nothing short of an amazing experience with Jonell. I was able to take her hedgie 101 class so I could learn more about them, how to care for them, and even got to meet some of the herd! She was excellent at answering all of my questions and making sure that I understood what it took to properly care for one of her hedgehogs. You can tell that she loves all of her animals and wants to make sure they get good forever homes. Would definitely recommend, especially if you are a first time hedgie owner like me. I love my little Prickles.  :-)"

​3/30/17 Jessica B:  " My sister got one from Jonell too, and we couldn't be happier with the experience and our quilly little friend!"


5/8/17  Brooke S:  "Our baby Root Beer celebrated his first birthday on 3/30/17. He has brought us so, so much joy and we're looking forward to celebrating his adoption day on the 21st this month. He is the best little guy we ever could have asked for 💕 "

​5/8/17  Marina O:  "Hello! Here's an update  on Mint. She is doing well, she likes to climb into our shirt collars and nap there when we're watching TV, plus "hunt" mealies when we sprinkle them around like a scavenger hunt. Her favorite food is sweet peas! She is very loved (just like she was when she lived with you.)"

6/2/17  Robyn K.:  "Thank you so much, there's no one I would rather go to for a pet than you! I'm so thankfull.  I love this lill guy!"

9/9/17  Aleena Z.:  If anyone is looking to get a hedgie I would highly highlyyy recommend going to Jonell! Thank you for everything and very patiently answering all my questions! As a first time owner I was nervous and had a ton of questions and Jonell answered all of them when I went to pick up Dali from her and has been available to answer any further questions I've had after bringing Dali home! I was hoping to give the little baby a smooth transition into her new home and it wouldn't have been possible without her.

Thank You for sharing your knowledge and making sure your owners are ready to take the babies home! I can tell you really care for all your animals  :))

9/13/17 Denée C.:  I got an adult hedgie from Morning Star Hedgehogs and I couldn't be happier. Rosie is a sweet, quirky, and hilarious little girl. Jonell has been beyond amazing. She gave me a bunch of information, answered all of my questions, and is always quick to get back to me when I have more questions. You can absolutely tell that she truly cares about each hedgehog she has. I have absolutely no complaints about my experience with Morning Star Hedgehogs!

11/10/17 Pallavi A.:  We really recommend Morning Star Hedgehogs!
Jonell had so much useful information about adding a hedgehog to your household. It was really clear that she is passionate about her animals and the happiness/safety/care of the hedgehogs is her top priority. She works to ensure that any adopting family is well informed and will take care of the animal! She will answer any and all questions and puts herself out to give you a positive experience.

Furthermore, when we went to meet the hedgehogs, we discovered that I was allergic. She immediately had benedryl cream and aloe and was really kind. She had all kinds of suggestions about how to best deal with the allergy, keeping both my health and the care of the hedgehog in mind! When we decided that a hedgehog was not the best idea, she gave us a ton of different suggestions about other possible animals to adopt, including a crested gecko. She went as far as to show us her gecko, look up where we could get one AND gave us a terrarium she was no longer using for free!
I highly recommend Jonell and Morning Star Hedgehogs!

12/12/17 Jennifer P.:  If you guys want a little Prickly baby, you need to come to morning star hedgehogs. I fell soo in love with my little hedgie. She is just adorable, fell in love with me instantly (I think lol) and I love her. She is friendly and cuddly (only when she wants to be cuddled) and she is soooo spoiled lol. 
Jonell the breeder is awesome, she really has love for all her hedgehogs and cares for them a lot. She was patient with me, and the questions I would ask she would answer honest and fast. When you go pick up your hedgie she makes sure you are 100% ready to take your little one home and answers all the questions we had. She still answers any questions that I have now.  
Thank you so much jonell for introducing me to my little one. She is my best friend.  highly recommend Morning star hedgehogs.

2/3/18 Michael C.:   We've had our Hedgy since May 2013 and he is just as sweet as ever. He's going on 5 and besides just being old and not running much anymore, there have been no major health problems (knock on wood) to speak of, which is kind of a rarity for his age. Should we get another hedgehog in the future, I can't imagine we'd go elsewhere.  :)

2/16/18 Arielle K.:  There's so many reasons Jonell is a 5 star breeder. She is ethical, knowledgeable, and truly cares about all of her animals, even after they have been sold. Heck, she'll even help an owner of a hedgehog she hasn't personally sold to. I can always turn to her with any questions about the beautiful and 100% healthy little girl I received from her. All of her litters are gorgeous and have a lifetime health guarantee! The herd is well-kept and have the privilege of living in an immaculate environment. And to my surprise her house smelled great despite having around 50 animals inside. Jonell is truly a master of her trade and if I ever bought another hedgehog, I would certainly buy from her. Thank you Morningstar Hedgehogs!!!
With love  ❤️ Arielle and Azula  

​3/11/18  Krystal C. — 5 star 

She is very knowledgeable and really cares about her animals. She is full of helpful information and always willing to answer any questions you may have as a new hedgie owner. She offers a complete setup for purchase which is great to make sure you go home with everything you need.

4/30/18 Nia B. — 5 star 

I love my lil Tipsy. The breeder is very caring and knowledgeable about her hedgies. I am so glad my fiance found her. She is also very welcoming and attentive to new hedge owners. I call or text her with any of my questions and beep beep beep, she calls and text me back with answers. 
Highly recommended!

​5/13/18 Kristin G - 5 star 

Jonell at Morning Star Hedgehogs is the BEST!!!!  She is the exact type of breeder people want to get their hedgehogs from!!  She is kind, EXTREMELY knowledgeable, and always willing to help answer questions!  She has come to my rescue many many times when I have had general questions or any change in my hedgies health/behavior.  She truly sincerely cares about  the well being of the hedgehogs first and foremost before anything else and it shows, whether its her own hedgehogs or a complete strangers hedgehog!  I will never get any of my future hedgehogs from anyone else but her!!  Thank you Jonell for all that you do!!!! You are truly a blessing to the hedgehog community!!!!!

​5/20/18 Jaide R. — 5 star
If i could give you 10 starts i would!!  I got simbah almost a week ago, and let me tell ya..IM IN LOVE. Jonell is so knowledgeable about everything. There’s nothing this woman doesn’t know. When i came for pick up, and Jonell was explaining the feed schedule to ween them off of the mix and onto wellness, you could tell i was getting a little nervous. I just didn’t want to mess anything up. Jonell calmed me down and went over step by step with me everything i needed. She’s sooooo loving and caring for all her animals. Jonell, i can’t thank you enough for Simbah. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

5/23/18 Christina N. — 5 star 

I couldn’t be happier with my experience at Morning Star Hedgehogs! I just picked up my little guy this week and everything from the 101 class to the pick up appointment was amazing. Jonell really knows what she is talking about. Every bit of research I had done beforehand matched up exactly with what Jonell had to say and you could tell that she was really invested in making sure her animals were going to a caring home. Every time I met with her felt very personalized and accommodating, but first and foremost it was always about the animals well-being. Jonell makes sure you are 100% comfortable with your decision to buy a hedgehog, she provides you with every bit of knowledge you need to make the decision, and she in no way forces the decision on you. She is also 100% willing to take back one of her babies if it is not a good fit for the well-being of the animal. My little guy has an amazing disposition and I credit that to the way he was bred and raised! I would recommend that anyone looking for a new addition to your family or just looking for some more information on hedgehog ownership to visit Jonell’s website and at least schedule a 101 session! It is worth every penny!

​5/29/18  Tracy Bothun May 29 - 5 star  I had been on Jonell's waiting list for several months before getting my baby. The months prior to bringing home my little guy, Jonell and I exchanged several emails about proper care and housing. She was very patient with me and answered all my questions and through all of our communication I felt very confident about bringing Gus home! When we picked him up it was obvious he had been well socialized and cared for. She made sure we had everything we needed before we left and has been great about answering questions since we have been home with Gus! If you are looking for a kind knowledgeable breeder that truly cares for her animals then I strongly suggest Morning Star Hedgehogs. She has a waiting list, but it is worth the wait!

​6/2/18 Victoria Davis - 5 star
Jonell is very very helpful and knowledgeable about hedgehogs and taking care of them. I was so happy that I went to the 101 session. Everyone who wants a hedgehog really should go to them. Even if you think you researched enough and know how to care for one, still go to it! She brought up so many things that I had never even thought of and things that are false on the internet. She prepares you for what you're signing up for and you can tell that she's cares so much for them. She's even willing to stay in touch if you have questions about caring for them, even after you have taken the baby home. It was really great seeing a breeder that cares about the animals well-being over profit.

7/22/18 Cynthia P. — 5 star
My 12-year-old really thinks she wants a hedgehog and after speaking to the Morning Star owner over the phone, I knew we needed to go to her Hedgehog 101 class. It was one of the best one-hour lectures that me and my three daughters have gotten about pet care, ever! If you are thinking about a hedgehog, talk to Morning Star hedgehogs first. She will give you the straight dealio on what it takes to be a good owner of these exotics. She’s not in it for the money or to offload inventory, she loves these animals and wants them to find the best home. There is no pressure to buy from her, but you will want to buy from her if you feel are up to the responsibilities that come with these critters. I trust her and I would highly recommend this breeder.

7/12/18  C.  July 12, 2018  - 5 star
My children and I met with Miss Jonelle yesterday and we learned so much information we never found out by our personal research. She gave us the ins and outs of hedgehogs and urged us to really consider our decision bcs hedgies take some more work than new owners may think. Also, bcs of my daughter’s pet allergies we met outside and we did some prickle “tests” to see if my daughter was able to care for a hedgehog. Much to our disappointment she reacted and we aren’t able to bring a hedgie into our home but Jonelle offered information on some reptiles that would work for us. I’m disappointed we can’t be hedgie parents but glad to have found that out by working with Morningstar Hedgehogs. I highly recommend them to everyone!

thank you so much for watching Cosmo!! we are so grateful to have found you !

I was on the waiting list for several months and we finally got to bring our new Hedgie home this past weekend. Jonell was wonderful and patient and answered all of our questions.

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