Morning Star Hedgehogs Breeding since 2011 

Morning Star Hedgehogs

Safe Treat List:  Hedgehogs do not have a Cecum – They cannot process or extract nutrients from plant based materials.  This can cause tummy upset and diarrhea.  I do not recommend feeding any raw fruits or vegetables.


Meats: (All Cooked – Unseasoned):          Bugs Bugs Bugs:  I do not recommend
Chicken                                                      freeze dried whole bugs for babies under 
Turkey                                                        9 months.
Lamb                                                         Mealworms, Superworms, Black Soldier
Beef (Occasionally)                                     Fly Larvae, Roaches, Crickets, Grasshoppers
Pork (Occasionally)                                     Wax Worms, Butter Worms, Green Horned
Chicken Liver (Occasionally)                        Worms, Silk Worms
Pinkie Mice (Occasionally)                            When using freeze dried for babies 

                                                                 Recommend crushing into a powder and
                                                                 sprinkling on their kibble

Fruits and Vegetables:
(Baby Food is safest to prevent stomach
 upset, if fresh cook to soften):                     Others:
Sweet Potatoes*                                          Eggs – Scrambled or Hard Boiled
Butternut Squash*                                       Baby Food Chicken/Turkey Dinner
Pumpkin*                                                   Gerber Toddler Chicken and Meat Sticks
Carrot                                                          Cheese/Cottage Cheese/Plain Yogurt
Applesauce                                                  – Very small amounts occasionally,
Banana                                                        They are Lactose Intolerant
                                                                  Raw Diet Dog Food – Highly Recommend
                                                                  Stella and Chewy Duck Duck Goose 

Below is a list of things NOT to feed:
Any dried fruits                                           Chocolate or caffeinated food/drink
Raisins                                                        Raw Meats (not pet food products)
Grapes                                                        Processed Meat (ie: Hotdogs, Deli Meats)
Citrus Fruits                                                Any Sugary, salty, fatty, stringy, chewy or
Pineapple                                                    seasoned foods
Raw Carrots                                                Milk
Celery                                                         Bread
Corn                                                           Herbs
Onion                                                         Wild Caught Bugs
Chives                                                        Cold Food – Feed at Room TempMushrooms
Garlic                                                          Nuts & Seeds of any kind
Tomatoes                                                    Anything that is junk food for people
Avocado                                                      Artificial Sugars
Lettuce                                                        Honey
Cucumber                                                    Raw potatoes


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