Morning Star Hedgehogs Breeding since 2011 

Morning Star Hedgehogs

Safe Fruit, Vegetable & Treat List:

       Meats (All Unseasoned):                            Vegetables (All Cooked):                
       Chicken                                                     Potatoes
       Turkey                                                       Yams
       Lamb                                                         Sweet Potatoes
       Beef (only occasionally)                              Squash/Pumpkin
       Pork (only occasionally)

                                                                                       Peas (mushy part only not the skin)
       Fruits:                                                        Asparagus
       Apple (Peeled)                                           Green Beans
       Banana                                                      Bell Peppers

        Pear (Peeled)

      Blueberries (peeled)                                    Others:
      Melon (Cantaloupe,Watermelon,Honeydew) Eggs- Scrambled or Hard Boiled
      Mango (peeled)                                            Baby Food  -  Toddler Chicken Sticks
      Papaya (peeled)                                           Regular Cheese - Small amounts Occasionally
      Raspberries                                                  Cottage Cheese - Small amounts Occasionally
                                                          Plain Yogurt - Small Amounts Occasionally


Below is a list of things NOT to feed:

     Raisins                                                           Lettuce
     Grapes                                                           Cucumber
     Citrus fruits                                                    Chocolate or Caffeinated Foods/drinks
     Pineapple                                                       Raw Meat
     Raw carrots                                                    Processed Meat (Hotdogs, Deli Meat)
     Celery                                                            Milk    
     Corn                                                               Bread
     Onion                                                             Wild Caught Bugs
     Chives                                                            Super Worms
     Mushrooms                                                     Cold Foods - only serve room temp
     Garlic                                                              Nuts & Seeds of any kind
     Tomatoes                                                        Honey   
     Any sugary, salty, fatty, stringy, chewy or seasoned foods
     Herbs (Parsley, Cilantro, Basil, Clover etc)
     Anything that is Junk Food for people
     Artificial sugars
     Raw potatoes



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